How we work our magic

Removing ‘silvering’ and mould

Silvering of timber is caused by UV light damaging surface fibres. Mould grows on pollen, salt and dirt and causes patchy black areas and black spots. If left unattended, rot can set in.

The good news is, the original timber lies just beneath the silver and mould waiting to be revealed. We do this using our SARAClean or DEEPClean process.

We apply SARAClean to the timber, and leave it for 20 – 30 minutes so it can kill the mould, mould spores and fungus, and loosen dead fibres and dirt. Then we clean the timber with a low pressure wash to reveal your beautiful timber once again. Finally, we apply CD50.


Removing film-forming products

If your timber has a film-forming coating (e.g. conventional stains, paint, polyurethane, varnish and oils) we must remove this before we apply CD50. This is because CD50 cannot be applied over another coating, as it needs to penetrate into your timber.

Fortunately, old coatings that have failed can be removed to bring your timber back to its original colour and character. We use a  specifically-formulation chemical solution and a controlled wash process carried out by a trained operator. Once clean and dry, we apply CD50.


Restoring warped timber

Timber that is warped and cupped can often be returned to their near original profile and flatness. We apply Naked Stripper to the timber and leave it for an appropriate period, such as overnight. Then, with a low pressure wash, we reveal your beautiful timber.

Maintenance applications on CD50 will preserve the dimensional stability and natural appearance of your timber for years to come.

Tong Young Stained Area.jpg